Inspiring Moments of Sommelier Life

In my view Master class on wines are the perfect way for all wine enthusiasts to gain a better understanding and appreciation of wine, whilst developing an adventurous and critical palate by studying some of the key winemaking processes, regions and food pairings in a lively and friendly, yet studious series of sessions.


During the Festive season I had opportunities to open some rare and unique wines of “Devil’s Collection”. Which allowed me to make record revenue of 31st evening since our resort opened in 2013. Not only revenue we also achieved high level of guest satisfaction.

High revenue wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t have enough support from my wine supplier by providing all the premium wines on time. Obviously it’s benefited in both ends in term of financial result, In return, to appreciate and to build healthy relationship with sommeliers. Often suppliers invite Sommeliers for a Wine master class and tasting sessions. This time it was with



The invitation was send to only handpick Sommeliers from selected resort, it was my pleasure to take part and represent my resort in this unique event.

The Wine master class took place in one of the leading 5 star resorts in Maldives. The hospitality by the resort were mind blowing. We were welcomed by resorts Food and Beverage Director and team of Managers. The arrangements were perfect as it should be. But supplier beautifully organized it.

So how does wine master class works!!

An aspiring wine professional will train to evaluation technique, learning how to turn a concept into a business venture and gaining an industry insight that will give you an operational and strategic approach to the food and Beverage business.


Especially for wine, In Luxury resorts wine experience is very crucial, Sommeliers need to know the Heritage of the winery, Concept of the wine, Care taken in vineyard, Rarity of the wine, unique wine making technics that used to produce wine, and An anecdote from personal experience or a morsel of wine knowledge are create Great value to wine. Every wine is unique and special, to achieve these it’s important to have the Master class with professional or representative of particular wine.

Établissements Jean-Pierre Moueix, or JP Moueix, is a Bordeaux négociant house founded by Jean-Pierre Moueix in 1937, situated on the Quai du Priourat in Libourne, in the Bordeaux wine region of France. Which involved and dealing in wholesale distribution of numerous Right Bank wines, the company also acts as a bulk grape merchant.

The company grew to become highly influential in French wine market and was instrumental in the rise & reputation of the Pomerol region

Their Portfolio includes; The Iconic Pétrus from Pomerol, and The New World, Identity Dominus Estate Napa valley from USA

Edouard Moueix led the session; He shared more valuable information that can be only explained by wine maker. He is very professional, His view on wines and wine making are pretty clear and straightforward; never heisted to share his experience to us. For wine makers his wines are the best in the world. I strongly believe Sommeliers plays big roles to convey the concept from the wine maker to consumer to create value of wine experience.

The tasting was organized with nine wines from JP Moueix Protfolio and wines are grouped by region.


Named as – Saint Emillon Flight, Pomerol Flight, Napa valley Flight

The tasting session gave amazing experience of wines with Edouard Moueix words. The resort’s hospitality continues, with Art of Culinary. After the Tasting session tantalizing four-course lunch was served, the chefs bring out their best in the plate with professional touch. All Courses are paired with all nine wines. Food pairing never happen with one sticking rules. Especially when sommeliers are gathered in one place we never try the classic way, so this is what we called experimental way. Every body has different choice and different palate.

Over all the experience was mind blowing and inspired, Feeling proud to be Sommelier and believe that wine the major connecting point of world.

Best Regards,


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  1. Rajesh Kumar seevagan says:

    It’s a very nice presentation. And I like your way of express in English. Thx.


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