Be ready to taste Wine!

Hey all in this blog I am going to explain what all are the preparation we have to complete before taste the wine as It is important that our impression of the wine is not altered by any outside influences.

Wine tasting is forcing us to put our sensations into words means the impression of the wine lingers longer in our memory. It also helps us communicate to other people what the wine is like, sometimes long after we have tasted it. This is an essential skill for anyone involved in the wine world and who have unconditional love towards wine.

Tasting Room
The Ideal tasting room will be odour-free (no smells of cleaning products, tobacco, food or perfume), with natural light and white surfaces against which we can judge the appearance of wine. Spittoons and water should be available to avoid your self from dehydration and getting drunk.

Our tasting palate should be clean, and unaffected by tobacco, food, coffee, gum or toothpaste, and spicy foods.

Chewing a piece of bread can help remove any lingering flavours.

Hay fever, colds and fatigue affect our ability to judge wines, because they affect our sense of taste and smell.

Ideal Glass

To taste we just need one type of glass in order to make fair comparisons between wines. Internationally many professionals use the ISO glass, It has round bowl that is large enough to swirl the wine. The side slope inwards in a tulip shape to concentrate the aromas. The stem allow us to hold the glass without warming the wine.


Preparation of these will help to analyse the wine as much accurate as possible.



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